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25 03 2012 Pssst... We've got a secret

The LAPD pole studio is coming...

We'll be releasing more details soon, but prepared for a pole, circus, yoga and dance paradise... it's time to take your pole obsession to the next level.

24 10 2011 Pole Art 2011


The results from Pole Art are in, the competition and show took place on 22nd October in Helsinki, Finland. If you're not familiar with Pole Art, it is the most beautiful of all the pole events. With the emphasis on creative, artistic performances, Pole Art is not about showing off strength or being overtly sexual, instead it's about poise, choreography and skill.


This year the performances were incredible and the deserving winner was rising pole star Oona Kivela, with former winner Lauren Hilsum in the runner's up position. Edourd Doye took the men's title. 


It was a stunning and dramatic performance from Oona, who is definitely our new pole crush, to be honest words cannot do it justice, so you'll just have to watch it for yourself...


Click here to see Oona's performance


click for more info about Pole Art

Oona kivela Pole art Pole competition

03 07 2011 And the winner is...

Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 saw one of the fiercest battles the pole world has ever witnessed. The level of contestants was awe-inspiring, and has really set the bar, will Felix reign supreme at the World championships? With talent like this, she's going to have to hang onto her title with both hands. 


The standard was so high that there was even a draw for top place, Jess Leanne Noris and Justine McLucas both scored 127, with Karen Chaundy not far behind on 117 points. When a draw happens it goes to the highest score for tricks, and with Jess scoring a whopping 74 points for tricks, and Justine scoring 51, that placed Jess Leanne Noris at 2011's winner. All top three finalists gave incredible performances that were really quite jaw-dropping. Jess and Justine will now head to the World Championships in Budapest where they will aim to take that much coveted title. 


But it wasn't just our solo artists which were mind-spinningly brilliant, but the doubles acts also gave us something to think about (and aspire to). The doubles award went to Kate Johnstone and Kate Czepulkowski who clocked up 98.5 points, this fantastic pair will also be competing at the World championships. But not far behind was the fabulous Penny Howarth and Anna Chisholm who scored 96 points and best costume. 


It really was a breathtaking show, and it's amazing how far pole dancing has come over the last few years, it is such an art form, and such a difficult skill to master. These ladies did brilliantly, and we can't wait to see the footage from the World championships. Go team GB!


For more details on Miss Pole Dance UK click here.

06 06 2011 Miss Pole Dance UK 2011


The pole event of the year is here, and we couldn't be any more excited. Our very own Maxine Bett's is last year's winner and this year's top judge, and we know that 2011 is set to be the hottest competition yet.

The pole-istas of the UK shall descend on Brighton on Saturday 25th June, where the top UK pole dancers shall be competing to win that much coveted title; Miss Pole Dance UK. 

And there's lots of pole fun to be had on the day, with a volleyball game on the beach and the opportunity to meet some like minded pole-lovers, and some of your favourite performers. 

There are still tickets available, so if you fancy seeing the next Miss Pole Dance UK being crowned, then make sure you buy your ticket now! And don't forget to say hello to the LAPD squad, as we'll all be down there en masse. 

To buy your ticket and to find out more about the event, click here.

Maxine Betts Miss Pole Dance UK