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26 04 2012 Decorating & building work is just no fun...


Unless you happen to be a pole dancer, when scaffolding is just one big play area... handspring anyone?!


Alexe mel New studio studio

22 04 2012 We've just been hanging out in the studio...


That's right the anti-gravity yoga slings are up and we just couldn't resist having a go...



We can't wait until the studio is finished so that we can hang out all day everyday, hopefully see you in a yoga sling soon!


anti gravity yoga news studio

01 04 2012 Let the hard work begin...

The LAPD team has been getting busy (and dusty) as they help prepare the studio. There's lots of work to be done, but it's going be fabulous... Stay tuned for more studio teasers...

London New studio Pole studio

25 03 2012 Pssst... We've got a secret

The LAPD pole studio is coming...

We'll be releasing more details soon, but prepared for a pole, circus, yoga and dance paradise... it's time to take your pole obsession to the next level.

08 11 2011 LAPD are famous

Well sort of... The guys from Bio Synergy came down to give pole dancing a whirl. Led by Alexe, John was put through his paces as he learnt to spin and invert. Whether you've been pole dancing for a while and fancy a giggle, or you've been thinking of taking it up and want to get a feel for the class then definitely check out the video.


Click here to see the video for yourself

Alexe Bio synergy

11 10 2011 And the winner is...


The World Pole Dance 2011 championships were held last week in Budapest, and we now have a new reigning world champion pole dancer; our very own Alesia Vazmitsel. We weren't sure if we would ever see the day when someone other than Felix Caine was crowned champion, but after Felix didn't compete due to injury the competition really got started. Alesia who you may recognise from Britain's Got Talent, and from your classes as she used to be one of our teachers before embarking on a full-time glamorous occupation as a world champion pole dancer.


Her performance just showed how graceful pole dancing can be, and combining her agility, strength and incredible flexibility, Alesia set an unbeatable bar. Well done Alesia we're super proud!


Ilka Martina Bardoczy and Barbara Palmaffy won the doubles competition, with the UK's very own Kate Johnstone and Bendy Kate coming in second. Another contestant who got a few hearts racing was the winner of the male competiton, Loric Lebret, his lyrical take on pole dancing combined humour, dance, skill and amazing strength.


Click here to see Alesia's winning perfomance

2011 Alesia Vazmitsel World Pole Dance Championship

10 05 2011 Pole dancing to become an Olympic sport?

If you haven't heard Vertical Leisure are petitioning to get Pole dancing recognised as an Olympic sport, and hopefully in time for 2016. I think you'll agree that this is ultra exciting, we all know how hard pole is, and how hard we work to perfect our moves. But how many times have you said that do pole dancing for someone to give you a grin and make some comment about grinding?! 


It's such a shame that people still don't understand how hard pole dancers work, how much skill is involved and how technical it really is. If pole dancing become recognised as a sport and an Olympic sport then not only does every dancer have something to aim for, but it will become much more acceptable, which can only be a good thing.


It's a very exciting time to be a pole dancer I think you'll agree. So first things first... what to wear to the Olympic heats?!


If you would like to petition to get pole recognised as an Olympic sport click here.

olympic sport olympics vertical leisure

14 03 2011 Emma Roberts: A pole star


It turns out that we're not the only pole-lovers in the world, Hollywood has now woken up to the wonder that is pole dancing. Actress Emma Roberts, niece of Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, has just revealed that she keeps in tip top shape thanks to pole dancing.

Emma is this month's Women's Health magazine covergirl, and as she poses in jeans and a cropped top there's no denying her fabulous figure. In an interview Emma explains how she started taking pole with friends "to both work out and hang out". Emma says that she uses pole to build her upper body strength and for confidence building. We're wondering what her signature move is, and also how often she poles, because we wouldn't mind her figure. 

It is fantastic to see more celebs pole-ing, because the more people wake up to it, the easier it's going to be to break down those taboos. If you could choose any celebrity to pole dance with who would you pick? We're thinking Gwen Stefani; with her abs and style we bet she'd be a natural.

If you want to see some pics from the magazine click here.

emma roberts gwen stefani julia roberts women's health

06 03 2011 Pole Idol: Maxine Betts


If anyone knows their way up-down, around & around a pole it's pole dancing champion Maxine Betts. Renowned for her extreme tricks and incredible strength, Maxine is a pole supremo. And she's now a member of the LAPD pole squad, teaching our level 6 and 7 courses, Maxine has been putting us all through our paces. 


We've brought on Maxine to really shake up our higher levels and keep us at the top of our pole-game. When you get to level 6 and 7 you need to stop thinking of them so much as levels, but rather six week workshops, so you can keep doing 6 and 7 over and over and learn new moves every time... brilliant!


Maxine's classes are action-packed with a strong emphasis on conditioning (yes you will ache) and technique, so there's only to be pointed toes and perfect finishes in these classes. You'll be mastering your chinese pole climb (that's a feet free climb), brass monkey, twisted grip handspring, matrix, chinese flag, shoulder mount flip and great routines. 


This is advanced pole dancing at its best, but don't be scared off, Maxine is the perfect teacher; combining incredible skill with patience and lightening speed reflexes in case you do have a wobble. If you're ready to put some extreme moves into your pole repertoire then you need to get yourself down to one of these courses. But be warned you will need to book early, places on these courses go like hot cakes. We also want to know what tricks you want to master, if you've seen your favourite pole performer doing some crazy stunt then let us know and we'll see if we can add it to the syllabus. 


We hope to see you at Maxine's next course, level 6 is currently running now, with 7 to follow. 

Brass Monkey Chinese flag Handspring level 6 level 7 Maxine Betts

27 02 2011 Becca Butcher shows us how it's done


Another pole superstar comes to LAPD for another fabulous masterclass. If you didn't come then you definitely missed out, we were put through our paces as we mastered caterpillar climb, chicken wing leg switches, shoulder mount flips and straddle handstands.


There is no doubting Becca's effortless skill on the pole, she glides like some kind of supernatural being, whilst the rest of us groan in our table top positions. It was a fab class, going over some old favourites like straddle handstand and mastering some new positions such as chicken wing leg switches (we're working on a less meaty nickname) as well as finally get our heads around the stupidly tricky caterpillar climb. We also started training our chinese flags... my personal favourite, and Becca showed us three different hand grips for handspring as well as two different ways to get into handspring.


With pole there's so many ways to do a move, and so many different moves that you probably hadn't thought of, which is why masterclasses are so great, because they get you to challenge what you know and master even more skills. Becca is a particularly good teacher, she's obviously a brilliant dancer, but most importantly she is friendly and patient. This was definitely one of our favourite masterclasses.


If you're thinking that you might like to give a masterclass a whirl then we have another with Tracey Simmonds coming up and Maxine Betts is running a very special Life Force session. 


Hopefully we'll see you there!


Click this link to see the video: Master Class Becca Butcher London Academy of Poledancing

Becca Butcher Masterclass

30 01 2011 Crazy for conditioning


Are your pole arms feeling a little floppy after the Xmas hols? Are you struggling to swing, slide, invert and spin? Well never fear because our conditioning classes are here.


We love a good conditioning class, and not just because of all those lovely endorphins, but because you get to really work on your strength and agility without feeling like you're 'working out'. If the term conditioning makes you think of scary men dressed in army gear shouting at you to "get down and give me 20" then don't worry because we don't allow anyone wearing army gear in our classes...


In your average conditioning class you'll be treated to a thorough warm up, followed by some conditioning on the pole at your level. So they'll be climbing, inverting, shoulder mounting, holding static poses, armpit grips and other such wonders. It's a chance for you to work on your problem moves and build up your strength in the process. Then we always do a proper cool down with stretches to help improve your flexibility. This is an all levels class that is all about getting that bod you always dreamed of, and of course having a good giggle. 


Fancy giving it a whirl? Then click here to book your place


See you thursday!

30 01 2011 A pole secret… Climbing chalk

Have you ever wondered how your favourite pole dancers seem to stick to the pole as though their skin were made from leather? Well the trick is, as many of you probably already know, is chalk.


Now, we’ve been testing every kind of chalk for a while now, from powder to liquid, and every brand we could get our sweaty mitts on. We think we may have just found the perfect chalk and it’s in the one store you might not have thought have going to…


Snow & Rock, yes those climbing, extreme sports people, well we decided if a person can climb up the side of a cliff with chalk from this place then we should most certainly stick to the pole. And after rigorous trials it’s certainly kept us nicely sticky… but not so sticky that our spins are lame.


What’s more it’s a very reasonable £6.99, and let us tell you that a little goes a very long way. Is this a miracle in a bottle? It might just be.


Click here to check it out

16 01 2011 Pole position: Phoenix


Level: Intermediate


Pain factor: Medium


Type: Static


Need to know: How to climb before attempting



Step 1.

Climb up the pole, have your left foot in front of the pole, your right foot still in the climbing position at the back of the pole.


Step 2.

Place your left hand high above your head.


Step 3.

Take your right arm forward then in front of the pole, towards your right hand side. So that your armpit is now gripping the pole.


Step 4.

Here comes the tricky bit, using your left hand to hold you up and pushing your right foot into the pole, remove your left foot and send it behind you.


Step 5.

Bend your left knee and grab your left foot with your right hand.


Step 6.

Now remove your left hand and beautifully stretch it out. And voila you’ve created Phoenix, a beautiful static pose to do between tricks.


24 10 2010 Welcome to the London Academy of Pole Dancing

Calling all fellow pole lovers, the new London Academy of Pole Dancing site has now launched.

Be treated to fabulous classes, all the latest pole goss, and be inspired by our rather spectacular gallery. Soon we'll be running online lessons, and if you have a special event coming up then why not throw one of our legendary pole parties. We have so many wonderful classes on offer, from Pole on Point to Urban Pole and Pole Gymnastics. We also run the best pole courses around and have a great membership service... a dream come true? Quite possibly.


But if there's something you'd love to learn or find out about let us know. Whether you want to try a new class, you're stuck with a particular move, or you have a suggestion then please tell us all. We'd also love to know what you think about our new site and what else you'd like to see. 


Being total pole obsessive’s we are more than qualified to bring you all the latest pole gossip and news, we’ll be keeping you posted on events, new classes and well anything and everything about pole. So if you’ve been craving your pole fix then crave no more. 


Talk to you soon…