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04 12 2011 Meet the team: Laura Lockhart

Occupation by day: Assistant Buyer
Been pole-ing for: nearly 4 years - On and off
Pole style: I would like to say spinning pole, effortless looking tricks and pointy toes but I'm not very good at spinning pole yet and it's not always effortless looking.
Signature pole move: At the moment Superpain
Pole move nemesis: flying body spiral into handspring - I do my handspring on the opposite side so I will need to learn to be able to do one of the moves on the wrong side.
Renowned for: Splits moves
Top pole tip:  Get someone to take photos or videos when you are training, you will learn a lot from them.
Couldn't pole without: A pole.... that’s pretty much all you need.
Favourite pole outfit: Don’t have one
How did you get into pole dancing? I always wanted to take dance classes but decide I was too old to start, then after dragging my friend to pole dancing lessons for her hen party I decided that Pole dancing was more fun and started taking class not long after that.
Why did you choose to come to LAPD? Originally for Spinning Pole classes as they are hard to find but everyone was really friendly and classes were lots of fun so I just haven’t left.
Why do you do pole? Because it’s a addiction
What does pole mean to you? It’s a bit of an obsession, a never-ending challenge, a lot of fun, and most importantly keeps me sane after a stressful day.
What are your pole ambitions? I don’t really have any desire to compete, just continue to improve and learn from as many of my pole idols as possible.

Jade splits Laura meet the team Spinning pole

20 11 2011 A pole secret... Neal's Yard body salves

Pole can be beautiful and glamorous but sometimes as dancers we can feel far from beautiful or glamorous. After a hardcore pole session, there is nothing we crave more than a relaxing massage, sadly we don't live in a 5* hotel so we'll just have to dream. But we have discovered the next best thing, Neal's Yard body salves. 


The arnica one is amazing for bringing down bruises and soothing tired muscles, whilst our favourite is the warming ginger and juniper salve which is perfect when our muscles are unbearably sore. They've also got a great range of massage oils to help really banish those aches and pains. Now that it's winter it's even more important to keep your muscles warm and supple, so please make sure you wrap up warm during your class cool downs and when leaving the studio.


Click here to see the salves.

cool down Neal's yard Pole secret sore muscles

08 11 2011 LAPD are famous

Well sort of... The guys from Bio Synergy came down to give pole dancing a whirl. Led by Alexe, John was put through his paces as he learnt to spin and invert. Whether you've been pole dancing for a while and fancy a giggle, or you've been thinking of taking it up and want to get a feel for the class then definitely check out the video.


Click here to see the video for yourself

Alexe Bio synergy

17 10 2011 5 surprising pole loving superfoods

Sometimes endless exercise just isn't enough, and if the saying 'you are what you eat' is true, then you need to put the Percy Pigs away and check you haven't grown some fruity flavoured ears. We've tracked down the top five superfoods to get you pole-fit in a flash.


1. Apples - Studies have shown that the faithful apple is a must for exercise lovers, they've discovered that a compound found in apples actually prevents muscle loss, so you can get lovely and toned by just adding an apple to your daily diet... yummy.


2. Cherry juice - This delicious tasting juice has been found to aid recovery after strenuous exercise. One study found that athletes recovered quicker after drinking cherry juice, and that their muscles were less damaged by the strengthening exercise. Other studies have also found that it can help insomnia... so you can have a great nights sleep and banish any aches and pains... brilliant.


3. Coconut water - We couldn't live without this wonderful drink, if you've ever visited Africa or the Caribbean you'll know that coconut water is what you're given if you're feeling unwell. That's because it's packed full of potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C, it replaces your body's electrolytes and rehydrates you. Plus it's low in calories, fat free and it's the only thing worth drinking after a tough pole session.


4. Coffee - Forget your morning coffee, save it for the gym, studies have found that people who drink coffee before a gym session burn more fat and calories. So ditch the smoothie and grab a double espresso on the way to pole.


5. Cinnamon - A secret ingredient, this divine spice will suppress your appetite and keep your blood sugar levels steady. It also keeps your arteries in tip top condition. We recommend sprinkling some cinnamon on your morning porridge and you'll be amazed at how the need to snack escapes you.


19 09 2011 Meet the team: Charlyne Chiappone

Name: Charlyne Chiappone 

Occupation by day: Piercer 

Been pole-ing for: 1year and 6 months 

Pole style: Strong and sexy 

Signature pole move: Shoulder mount and variants of it 

Pole move nemesis: Handspring from the floor 

Renowned for: Having a crazy grip without using chalk 

Top pole tip: Do your workout. Do abs and push up will make the pole so much easier and working on your cardio will make you look like it's easy for you to pole.    

Favourite pole outfit: My black 7'' platform shoes 

How did you get into pole dancing? I always thought it was so beautiful and when I moved to London I was happy to find classes. 

Why did you choose to come to LAPD? Because I thought the classes were well structured and the teachers awesome    

Why do you do pole? For the fun, the strong, the sexy 

What does pole mean to you? Fitness in a feminine way (even tho I love watching men pole dancing!) and acrobatic art  


What are your pole ambitions? Maybe starting competition at some point, we'll see...  

31 07 2011 Meet the team: Michal Akrabi


Name: Michal Akrabi


Occupation by day: HR Manager


Been pole-ing for: 1 year 6 months


Pole style: Bendy


Signature pole move: Ballerina


Pole move nemesis: Today: Ayesha


Renowned for: Backbending in every corner.


Top pole tip: Point your toes at all time, it makes you look leaner and makes every move look graceful, even mistakes look good with pointed toes.


Couldn't pole without: Backbending!!!


Favourite pole outfit: Shiny Zebra Bikini and 6" heels.


How did you get into pole dancing? I used to dance Ballet and Jazz in my younger years and have always had a passion for dance and performance, I Also really love fitness and sports, When I came to England I was doing nothing for a couple of months and that felt awful. My boyfriend suggested I contact Alexe and try out something new...


Why did you choose to come to LAPD? A Day after the Taster my muscles hurt just they way it hurts after a good workout, I knew I have to take it to the next level...


Why do you do pole? "For fun, for flight, for fitness!" (US pole dance champion Jenyne Butterfly)


What does pole mean to you? A fantastic combination of Art and gymnastics, everyone can make it their own 'cause there are no rules, a perfect way to self express.


What are your pole ambitions? KEEP DEFYING GRAVITY!!!

aysha ballerina Jeyne Butterfly pole moves

02 05 2011 Kitted out

As pole dancers up and down the land know, looking the part is just as important as being able to do a hip dip showgirl one handed. So, we are going to be bringing you our favourite pole dancing ensemble finds. But of course, we must start off with the very best pole dancing outfit around and that is the LAPD emblazoned kit. 




We do love our kit, for it perfectly blends pole fitness style with a touch of sexy flair. The hotpants are just £12 as is the vest, and the gorgeous mini dress is £25. These are perfect for strutting your stuff, competing or every day practices. Just contact the office or ask your teacher to get an LAPD kit of your own.


Work it girls! 

03 04 2011 Meet the team: Sam


Name: Sam O'Neill


Occupation by day: Fashion & Beauty editor


Been pole-ing for: 3 years


Pole style: Circus meets '30s burlesque


Signature pole move: Handspring


Pole move nemesis: Ayesha


Renowned for: Intensive conditioning 



Top pole tip: If you start getting freaked out or stressed by a move, walk away from it and come back to it another time, you'll never get it if you psych yourself out.


Couldn't pole without: My sweatbands, not the prettiest things but they give my delicate wrists that extra bit of support.


Favourite pole outfit: My new lace effect combo from Sweaty Betty - practical and sexy. 


How did you get into pole dancing?

At university I was feeling a tad bored and needed to find something to keep me active. I stumbled upon pole dancing classes held by Karen Chaundy in my gym in Manchester. I thought why not?! I'll give that a go, I was terrified but found bizarrely I had quite good strength. I'd always been the school nerd that couldn't throw a ball, climb a rope or hit a shuttlecock, and yet here I was able to spin and climb up a pole. So long story short I became completely addicted and soon became Karen's guinea pig for her latest pole move creations. I moved back South after uni and so it was time to find a pole school in London that fitted my style.


Why did you choose to come to LAPD? 

After trying a number of schools around London and not finding the right fit I stumbled upon LAPD and instantly it just clicked. Their style was exactly the same as mine and everyone was so nice. Sadly shortly after meeting Alexe, Melissa & Co. my appendix decided to attack me and I was forced to take a year off pole. I came back to LAPD weak and terrified that I'd never get my pole skills back, but Melissa whipped me into shape and shortly after joining as a student I started teaching, and never looked back.


Why do you do pole?

It's more than just fitness, it gives me time to escape work and reality for a couple of hours a few times a week. There's also an amazing sense of achievement when you get that move you never thought you'd get. There's also real feeling of camaraderie between polers, and you feel like you're part of something special. 


What does pole mean to you?

It's my obsession, my year off was hell, I felt empty without it, nothing to look forward to or work towards. Pole keeps me sane.


What are your pole ambitions?

I want to see all my students get right through to level seven and beyond, I want to see them flourish and surprise their own expectations. I would also like to compete at some stage but I think I just need to work on my overall fitness levels before I take on such a mammoth mission. I'd also like to pioneer burlesque on the pole and put a bit more traditional glamour into pole dancing.

meet the team

30 01 2011 A pole secret… Climbing chalk

Have you ever wondered how your favourite pole dancers seem to stick to the pole as though their skin were made from leather? Well the trick is, as many of you probably already know, is chalk.


Now, we’ve been testing every kind of chalk for a while now, from powder to liquid, and every brand we could get our sweaty mitts on. We think we may have just found the perfect chalk and it’s in the one store you might not have thought have going to…


Snow & Rock, yes those climbing, extreme sports people, well we decided if a person can climb up the side of a cliff with chalk from this place then we should most certainly stick to the pole. And after rigorous trials it’s certainly kept us nicely sticky… but not so sticky that our spins are lame.


What’s more it’s a very reasonable £6.99, and let us tell you that a little goes a very long way. Is this a miracle in a bottle? It might just be.


Click here to check it out

12 12 2010 On the pole with Tracey Simmonds


When we heard that Tracey Simmonds, Miss Pole Dance UK winner, was coming to give us a masterclass, we nearly passed out with excitement. Renowned for her agility, flexibility, and amazing choreography, Tracey Simmonds is without doubt one of the greatest pole dancers.


So one Saturday morning in East London, a group of bright-eyed pole dancing lovelies congregated in a mix of nerves and excitement to learn from one of the very best.



Seeing how petite she was, was the first real shock, that someone so tiny can have such unbelievable strength. After a warm up we took to our poles, we were certainly put through our paces. After two hours and learning the Allegra as well as some amazing toning exercises we were starting to feel the burn.


Bruises and blotches were starting to form, but our spirit remained… the advanced tricks came next. Every shoulder mount trick in the book was tried, followed by Chinese flags and handsprings. Shoulder mount bunny hops up the pole were even attempted – not for the faint hearted or the soft shouldered!



To give our aching bodies a rest Tracey then took to the pole for a stunning performance. Using a combination of spinning and static pole, she glided effortlessly through flags, handsprings, shoulder mounts and brass monkeys. Bewitching to witness, her beauty as a dancer is really rather breathtaking.


After the mesmerising was over, it was time to jump back on the poles for a final round up of tricks. It was a completely knackering, completely exhilarating day, just seeing what Tracey can do, only spurned us on. It’s so exciting to see that you can never know everything in pole, because there will always be another link, another trick, something more to learn.


Feeling suitably inspired and with a whole new repertoire to master, it’s back to the pole… so these bunny hops… perhaps if we just… 


24 10 2010 Welcome to the London Academy of Pole Dancing

Calling all fellow pole lovers, the new London Academy of Pole Dancing site has now launched.

Be treated to fabulous classes, all the latest pole goss, and be inspired by our rather spectacular gallery. Soon we'll be running online lessons, and if you have a special event coming up then why not throw one of our legendary pole parties. We have so many wonderful classes on offer, from Pole on Point to Urban Pole and Pole Gymnastics. We also run the best pole courses around and have a great membership service... a dream come true? Quite possibly.


But if there's something you'd love to learn or find out about let us know. Whether you want to try a new class, you're stuck with a particular move, or you have a suggestion then please tell us all. We'd also love to know what you think about our new site and what else you'd like to see. 


Being total pole obsessive’s we are more than qualified to bring you all the latest pole gossip and news, we’ll be keeping you posted on events, new classes and well anything and everything about pole. So if you’ve been craving your pole fix then crave no more. 


Talk to you soon…